The word DIE made of marbler
no title (die)

Carrara-Marmor (Statuario), 40 x 160 x 15 cm

© VG Bildkunst Bonn

The word DIE made of marble
no title (die)

Carrara-Marmor (Statuario)


The stone sculptures have one principle: they are all made from a single block each. They form letters that can be deciphered as FUCK, EAT and DIE.
The sculpture made of Anröchter green stone is traditionally made by drilling, splitting, sawing and chiseling, leaving the traces of these operations visible.

Other than this, the sculpture made of white Statuario marble, a variety used since the times of Michelangelo and from the same quarry, has been smoothed and polished almost entirely.

A third sculpture was designed as a fountain.

All three belong to the cycle of "Instant Archetypes". Together they are the first attempt to combine linguistic and visual means of communication, and at the same time they establish the preliminary conclusion of the sculptor's work in the traditional sense.