Meldorfer Schwung (swing) Two hemisheres Ti penso spesso NordArt Babylon
no title (Dersau) 1,2,3... Destna/ Tschechische Republik void Flesh Instant Archetypes Paradise
Stelle (spot/site) Delphi Sinai Armageddon Tree Temple Tomorrow everything will be all right 'I tell you...' Berlin Tango natura morta wall piece no title (one size fits all)
Nuage/cloud Politics Wax cast Tor/Gate Veto void 'I tell you...' no title Natura morta void installation whitebox munich Heimat/Home Four elements void Wax cast
Tomorrow everything will be all right Flesh, steel sclupture 'I tell you...' void Wax and Polyurethan casts void Mixed media landscapes Invisible sculpture project no title (Circle) Bus Stop void Bus Stop void Heimat/Home void Four Elements void Nothingness Künstlerhaus Vienna void Kopfstand void Brick house
stainless steel sculpture natura morta large scale sculpture void Four elements Four elements void Four elements void
Any good work of art should have at least ten meanings

Walter De Maria