Schädelanatomie mit Blattgoldschrift

I tell you ...

Pigment and gold plating on Fabriano
180 x 150 cm

The Vesalius/Vonnegut works

In the head pictures "I tell you..." one sees enlarged versions from the first anatomy atlas by Andreas Vesalius from 1547.
These are mostly views of skulls that have been uncovered in order to gradually reveal the interior. The search for knowledge is further emphasized by the enlargement of the representation. The images are hand-cut using a complex stencil technique, just like the underlying woodcuts from the atlas. The exposed cuts were then processed with one of the blackest pigments, the so-called leg black. A grid-like quote from the writer Kurt Vonnegut, executed in gold leaf, then appears on a second level:
"I tell you we are here on earth to fart around and don't let anybody tell you different".

Detail Schädelanatomie mit Blattgoldschrift